Himalayan Salt Cooking Block

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Himalayan Salt Block for Cooking can be used directly on a fire grill with meat, fish and vegetables. It is a healthy and alternate new age way to cook. Use for a healthy Pagan Diet and ultimate flavor!

Enhances Food Flavor Beyond Belief!

Healthy Cooking Option!

Suitable For BBQ, Grill, Oven & Stove Top!





Himalayan Secrets Himalayan Salt Block for Cooking Barbecue Tile for Grilling or Serving for Building Salt Walls 4

1、100% pure Himalayan salt block, cut from pure natural Himalayan rock salt, the color is naturally formed.
2、It can be used directly on a fire grill with meat, fish and vegetables and so on.
3、The salt plates are naturally formed, and the corners and surfaces of each piece are not completely smooth.
4、The salt block should be preheated with a small fire before use, otherwise the salt plate will crack due to uneven heating.
5、Rinse quickly with water after use, then wipe dry without using any detergent.

Product details:
Name: Natural salt plate
Material: Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Mine
Shape: square
Size(about): 20*10*2/7.87*3.94*0.79inch (unit: cm)
Precautions for use: Please follow the gradual heating step before use. Preheat the salt plate from small fire to medium fire to big fire. Otherwise, the salt plate will crack due to uneven heating.

Preservation method:
1. Do not immerse the salt plate in water. After using the salt plate, completely cool it, then shovel the stain with a shovel, then rinse it with water (to prevent it from melting with water). Rinse quickly and dry with a dry towel (no need to use Alkaline detergent such as detergent), after washing, put it in a dry place for at least 24 hours, then place it in a dry place to prevent moisture.
2, Do not need to use any detergent, if the preservation effect is good, it can be used for many years.

1. The Himalayan salt plate is cut from pure natural Himalayan rock salt. The color is naturally formed, and the crack is not a product quality problem.
2, This salt plate can be used as a barbecue plate, cooking accessories, but can not be eaten directly, and can not be broken into serving as edible salt.

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