Tibetan Blessed & Hand Made Incense Sticks

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Nothing is better than something made by hand with love. That is the summary of our incense sticks. There isn’t much more to say. From the grounds of a very spiritual place by loving Tibetan people. These are actually blessed.

Hand Made & Blessed in Tibetan Monastery

No Artificial Fragrances, Natural Herbs



These incense sticks are made with love. Hand made incense sticks aren’t something we often see!

Made in the Kumbum Monastery which is located in Qinghai province (Huangzhong County town’s southwest corner lotus lap), the Gelug Sect of Tibetan Buddhism (commonly known as the Yellow Sect) which is the founder master Zuqaba’s birthplace. It is one of the six major monasteries of Tibetan Shamanism. Temple statues hold a vivid shape and are beautiful, supernatural and divine.

The sticks are made of Natural herbs. They are hand-rolled in Kumbum tibetan medical hospital QingHai

About 28 incense sticks per piece
Each incense stick about 16cm in length
Each incense stick diameter about 3mm
No Artificial Fragrance

Postage can take 2-4 weeks, though usually much faster






Incense packing methods may vary with the production batch changes.

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