Natural Clear Quartz Shards 100g Lots

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Natural clear quartz shards are tiny little points! Magical for crafts, filling pot plants & other decorations, mini grids, placing around the home & garden!

Natural and Beautiful! Super Clear!

Diverse Use Throughout the Home!


These are natural clear quartz shards. They are very small pieces of clear quartz. They are tiny little points! Magical for crafts or filling pot plants & other decorations. Perfect for mini grids and placing all around the home and garden! Read about clear quartz below the pictures!


total Weight: 100g(small pieces)

Length: 15-35mm

1.Please allow a slight error in size due to the manual measurement of crystals
2.Please also remember these are all unique so every one will be different.
3. Shipping can take 2-4 weeks, though we expect your elephant to arrive much faster.
4. Please remember that free shipping is available for all orders over $49 or for SAVE THE PLANET PRODUCTS!

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Clear quartz crystal is known as the “Master Healer” due to its ability to balance and activate all 7 chakras, the energy centers of the body.  As the chakras come back into balance, the body’s energy flow improves and has the strength to move back into a state of homeostasis. Our bodies are always trying to move toward perfect health but sometimes we need some help to get there. Using clear quartz with the intention of healing has the power to boost general health and wellness and heal a variety of health conditions.

Program your clear quartz stone with your intentions and goals by creating a picture in your mind of what you want to manifest while touching the crystal. Conjure up the emotions associated with this intention to make it even more powerful.  This simple process allows you to store your desires in the crystal and it will raise your energy to a frequency that will allow these dreams to be drawn into your life.

One of the best ways to use clear quartz crystal is to make a crystal elixir to permeate your body, mind and spirit with its energy. Crystal elixirs are made from water that has been infused with gemstone energy and they have a long history of use amongst alternative healers. Now you can make and consume gem water easily with your own clear quartz water bottle. A stylish and convenient crystal water bottle can fit into any lifestyle and will boost your hydration as it imbues your whole being with the magnificent clear quartz properties throughout the day.

You can also enjoy the clear quartz healing properties in the following ways:

  1. Place clear quartz stones around your home and garden
  2. Wear clear quartz crystal jewellery in the form of earrings, necklaces or bracelets
  3. Sleep with a small crystal under your pillow
  4. Hold a clear quartz crystal in your hands while meditating
  5. Carry a quartz crystal around with you in your pocket
  6. Place clear quartz in your bath and soak in the gem water to supercharge your mind and body

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