15 Pairs of 100% Organic Beeswax Ear Wax Removal Candles – BARGAIN BUY!

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Ear candles have become an important natural part of our health and hygiene. This is an essential bathroom product to have & with 15 sets you wont run out! You also won’t be paying $20 or even $10 per pair in store! That’s a $270+ saving from Pagan Health today!

Made From the Finest Ingredients

100% Organic Plant Material, 100% Natural Beeswax, Pure Essential Oil Inclusive!

Safe & Effective For Most Family Members

Especially for the outdoor lovers, these candles are useful for every family member, almost a necessity.

Removes Wax, Dirt, Dust, Toxic Shampoo Build Ups etc.

These candles safely remove all foreign particles for optimum hearing & ear health. Regular use = no more build up & healthy ears year round!

BARGAIN WHOLESALE PRICE at Just $25 for 15 pairs!

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If you haven’t seen earwax candles before you are really missing out! Sold all over the world in drug stores and pharmacies they have become an important part of health and hygiene. Usually sold in stores at a crazy $10 and $20 per pair! We are doing everything to keep our prices low which is exactly why you are likely here! These would cost you $150 minimum at the pharmacy – most likely $300!

Treat the whole family with this box for an entire year and even give some friends some to try out!


100% organic plant material, 100% natural beeswax, pure essential oil, hand-refined.


No burning smoke, table flame, safe use (no temperature after burning candle ash), no skin damage, high quality pure essential oil.

1. It is a simple, fast, painless, comfortable, relaxed and gentle therapy;

2. Enhances hearing after use;

3. It is safe to remove excess earwax and discharge excess toxins to keep the ears clean and fresh;

4. Alleviate symptoms such as tinnitus and itching;

5. Lessen headaches and dizziness;

6. keep your ears fresh and clean.


People who work outside, in dusty places; people who participates in water activities, have natural ear wax levels that are high and are having blockages which may be affecting hearing. y.

Package Includes

15 Pairs=30 Pcs Ear Candles

How to Use!

The “patient” lies on his/her side with the helper at their head. The candle, which acts as a vacuum, is placed in the ear and lit. The vibration of the air rising up through the candle is promoted by the natural movement of the flame, to gently massage the eardrum. This creates a warm swirling current of air. The candles work on a chimney principle, drawing any impurities to the surface where they can be gently removed. Most of these are carried away through the candle “chimney”, although some of them can be found in the condensed candle wax residue after removal from the ear, or could even work their way up to the surface 24-48 hours after. Generally the whole treatment will take around 30 minutes inclusive of talks about what you are doing.

The Mechanism of Action, Principle of Function:

During the ear candling treatment we insert the ear candle to the entrance of the external auditory canal. The auditory canal is a more or less curved tube closed by the eardrum. The ear candle is also a tube and during ear candling it extends the auditory canal.

When we light the top of the ear candle, the burning energy starts to heat up and vibrates the air column inside the ear candle. A few seconds later, after we lit the ear candle, a lukewarm swinging, vibrating air column is formed within the ear candle and the auditory canal.

The presence of this motion is demonstrated by the up and down movement and vibration of the ear candle’s flame. This motion is visible during the whole ear candling treatment. The frequency of this vibration is 2-5 Hz. The level of frequency is mainly determined by the length and the diameter of the ear candle and its cone shape. This frequency is much lower than the audible level for humans, but the eardrum can still perceive it. The eardrum takes over the vibration of the swinging-vibrating air column of the ear candle because the air column touches the end of the auditory canal.

Let’s not forget how sensitive our auditory system is (part of which is the ear drum and other minute anatomical parts vibrated by it): for instance, we are able to hear the tiny sound created by a falling needle meters far from us.

An ear candle burns for approximately 10-15 minutes in one ear. So the air column of the ear candle vibrates the eardrum and its related anatomical parts for 10-15 minutes at a frequency which is very different from the audible range of 20-20000 Hz. In fact, it is just like a gentle massage of the auditory system which lasts for 10-15 minutes

We believe this is the physical effect which triggers beneficial processes during the ear candle treatment.

Postage can take 2-4 weeks, unlikely, but please keep this in mind.



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  1. Rachel

    Super glad I grabbed some of these when buying my crystals. Saw them at the pharmacy for $15 each pair and figured I’d try these as they were cheaper. They worked really well & i clearly saved loads of moolah. Was shipped seperately to my crystals so was worried when they didn’t arrive but realised they had a seperate tracking number ??Clearly shipped to ensure they were not broken by my rocks ?

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